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Lenten Devotions.  Why are we doing these?  We want to offer you all a way to share your personal devotions, a personal story, a drawing, or just a devotion that touched you.  We hope these can be used to allow us all to get closer to God and to focus on the importance of this season to our faith.


Here we offer you six devotions each week for your use.  We hope you can use a verse or portion of the Sunday sermon for a devotion for yourself or that you can do as a family. 


We want you to be devoted to God and not devoted to reading devotions.  Allow these to take you where God wants you to go.  Some of you already have a method of spending time with God on a regular basis.  Keep it up!  These will be here when you need them.


May this season be one of great joy and peace.  EnJOY! 

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